Rose Petals Muffin

What’s up lovely foodies out there?

Today warmth of Palate brings a new recipe on the dessert recipe i.e.
Rose Muffin which is made by none other than Roohi Bareja who brings new, exciting and innovative recipe videos every time on her YouTube channel.

Today, there is a video of Rose Muffin. Muffins had merged in 18 th century and usually eaten with teas and coffees in the evening time. Muffins are small and spherical in shape cakes with the sweet and sugary taste.
The muffins are loved by everyone whether there are children or elder people because it has amazing and sweet taste. Eating simple type of muffins every time makes you boring but after watching this video your love to the muffins will be more increased and this dessert shows something new to the muffin, the muffins are prepared with Rose Flower.

Isn’t it exciting? So what are you are waiting for watch the full the video till the end, like and share this new, innovative and exciting recipe. Give us your valuable feedback or suggestions in the comment section. Your valuable suggestions will help us to improve the future videos.

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