Veggie Cheesy Bite

A big HI and good wishes to all the foodies out there!!
Warmth of palate has bought a recipe name Veggie Cheesy Bite prepared by none other than Roohi Bareja. It is one of the best the dishes to eaten by all people of all ages in the evening time with the tea/coffee. The Veggie Cheesy Bite dish becomes very simple to make when there is a guidance given by
Roohi Bareja herself and this dish is one of the mouth watering recipe, amazing and tasty and will be loved by you all foodies .This dish can also be served at the evening parities also.

To make your evening parties best and memorable, this dish will certainly help you. These cheesy bites can be eaten by children and adults also it is served with the red sauce which makes it spicy and sweet at the same
time. This dish is prepared with love and courtesy making this dish beautiful and tasty to eat.

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